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Highly Collaborative & Research Driven Product Design Lead

15 years experience in the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand designing B2C and B2B solutions for Fintech, Healthtech, logistics and entertainment. I’ve worked with large and small organisations, government divisions, charities and early stage startups.

Design Process

1. Kick Off Workshops

Align with the business on product vision, goals and drive out key risks and assumptions that we need to validate with users.

2. Discovery

A deep dive into user research to reveal user needs, pains and opportunities. We will determine which core problem we should focus on first.

3. Framing

Rapid creation and testing of rough prototypes to determine whether we are on track to solve the prioritised problem.

4. Shipping an MVP

In order to de-risk the product proposition we will define and ship a lean slice of the application that we can measure.

5. Continuous Delivery

As we gain more confidence in our solution we add fidelity and enhance the UI, whilst continuing to validate new features.

6. Optimisation & Growth

As the app evolves we can start to run A/B tests and create a design system that can scale across multiple apps and teams.

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Let’s work together to build something great.

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