UX Designer

Striving to create engaging and meaningful digital experiences.
My Approach  

How I work

Continuous learning

Starting out with user research that defines the problem. Ideas are validated through qualitative and quantitative research.

Agile Workflow

Working in tandem with designers, developers stakeholders and clients. Including core team in the design process for full investment.

Delight in the details

Incorporating microinteraction states, subtle animation and hidden delighters early into a prototype that bring the design to life.

Validate early & often

Get designs in front of users as soon as possible, with a goal of conducting multiple rounds of user testing, increasing the fidelity each time.



Research and Definition

User Research, Contextual Enquiry, Competitor analysis and Stakeholder interviews.


Fleshing out the Interface

Rapid sketches, paper prototypes, user journeys, interactive prototypes and visual designs.


Testing the Design

User testing, heuristic evaluation, A/B testing, customer surveys and web analytics.


Refining the Design

Incorporating feedback into the next round of thinking and iterate often.


Due to the sensitive nature of the projects that I work on, my portfolio is available by request only.

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About Simon Phillips

A focus on useful, usable ideas for apps, installations and web.

Wellington-based User Experience Designer specialising in mobile interaction design. A decade of experience in the U.K, U.S.A, Canada, Australia and New Zealand working with large and small digital agencies, government divisions, charities and exciting early stage startups.

I am passionate about creating engaging and meaningful experiences that provide real value to the user. A keen advocate for Lean UX and agile, I enjoy working closely with creative and technology teams for quick iterations, ideation,testing and refinement.

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Wellington, New Zealand
+64 021 152 5993